Networking: Bold Conversations: Deeper-Dive Issue Area Groups
Open Discussion
September 23, 2021 | 3:30 pm |

Session Speakers

Connect with the Women Funded 2021 community!

These self-organized spaces will be open for 30 minutes. We encourage you to share about yourself and learn about others in a group of your choice. Opt-in to a space that feels most resonate to you right now to meet. Share your name, role, where you’re based, and dive right in.  

Bold Conversations: Deeper-Dive Issue Area Groups 

  • Small Group Discussion 1: Creating Sustainable Workplaces
    Supporting staff, ourselves, and getting the work done, trauma informed workplaces. 
  • Small Group Discussion 2: Gender Inclusion in Feminist Language & Funding
    Best practices discussion to infuse gender-inclusive, Trans, Nonbinary, nonconforming language, policies, & funding into our organizations to support trans/nonbinary folks 
  • Small Group Discussion 3: The Urgency of Abortion & Reproductive Rights
    Health and economic insecurity; who gets to be a parent, and when!  
  • Small Group Discussion 4: Intersection of Abolition & Gender-based Violence
    How is the work to create better systems of protection being funded? Supported? Discussed? Put Into Action?  
  • Small Group Discussion 5: Reparations & Capital Structures – The Means for Revolution
    What is philanthropy’s role? What are we seeing in communities? What is working – and not working? Where is this effort going? How are we analyzing power structures to truly transform our communities? 
  • Small Group Discussion 6: There is No Gender Justice without Racial Justice 
    How is your organization centering racial justice work? What are your practices for infusing equity through policies, representation, and funding opportunities? 

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