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National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy (NCRP): Funding Trans Equity & Feminism through Abortion Access
Concurrent Session
September 23, 2021 | 4:00 pm | Concurrent Session II: 3 of 5

Front line voices provide action steps that funders can take to support trans health equity & intersectional feminism through abortion care.

There has long been a demand of philanthropy to invest in movements beyond the binary, and this holds especially true for foundations committed to health equity and philanthropic feminism. Many women’s foundations find themselves dedicated to addressing barriers to reproductive and sexual health while simultaneously functioning as an obstacle themselves. They often commit to funding practices that exist under the guise of a women-only space, and when philanthropy does not prioritize people of all and no genders, it creates the gaps that transgender and gender expansive (TGE) people often get lost in.

In this panel discussion, NCRP staff, in partnership with the Feminist Women’s Health Center and We Testify, will draw from Funding to the Front Lines: A Road Map to Supporting Health Equity and Philanthropic Feminism through Abortion Access, and will review the funding practices and patterns that are harming the same marginalized communities that the sector has argued they are accountable to.

Panelists will advise funders on how to invest in transgender and gender expansive visibility and divest from their erasure. As there is no reproductive justice without centering transgender and gender expansive people; therefore, they too have the right to maintain personal bodily autonomy and decide if, when and how they experience reproductive parenthood.

The session will educate grantmakers on major barriers to abortion access, and bring the voices of practitioners, patients and others on the frontlines into the conversation and provides concrete action steps that funders can take to support health equity and intersectional feminism through abortion access.

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