Welcome & Opening Plenary
September 23, 2021 | 11:00 am |

The moment, the movement, and the elephant in the room.

Philanthropy has an unprecedented opportunity to share resources and decision-making power in a way that fundamentally interrupts its corrosive cycle of dominance and control within communities of color. How can movement-accountable feminist funds lead the way? How do we acknowledge and come to terms with our own movement history? What are the challenges and opportunities for the future of feminisms rooted in solidarity and gratitude?  

Moderated by Teresa Younger, President and CEO of Ms. Foundation for Women, this dynamic line-up of thought-leaders will get you ready to explore gender justice in philanthropy from an evolving feminist frame. 

Join us for an inspiring welcome and conference opening from our very own CEO, Elizabeth Barajas-Román, featuring photo submissions of women’s funds and gender justice allies across the globe.


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