Jessica Nowlan

Young Women's Freedom Center

Jessica Nowlan is the Executive Director of the Young Women’s Freedom Center and co-founder of the Sister Warriors Freedom Coalition.  She is deeply committed to the liberation and freedom of women and girls and has spent the majority of her career working to develop and implement innovative programming and strategies based on the principles that those most impacted must be at the forefront of decision making about their own lives. Her own experience as a young person navigating the juvenile justice system, as a single mother dealing with poverty, homelessness, and intimate partner violence, coupled with her experience in the field,  propels her work to advance the field and she was recently named a 2019-2021 Leading Edge Fellow for her work. Prior to her current role, Jessica worked for several years as a Social Entrepreneur and as a consultant to organizations working with women and girls and at the intersections of violence, poverty, racial justice, incarceration/ re-entry and workforce development. Jessica is a Bay Area native and currently lives in Oakland with her youngest sons.

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