Kim Carter

Kim Carter

Time for Change Foundation

Kim Carter is the Founder and Executive Director of Time for Change Foundation. Ms. Carter uses her history of incarceration, addiction and homelessness as her motivation to ensuring others can escape those cycles of despair. She advocates for women and their issues while empowering and enhancing the lives of others. She follows the path that Harriet Tubman blazed when after she tasted freedom she came back to get others too. Her motto is “Be the Change you Want to See” Currently she is the President and CEO of the CHAMP – Center for Housing Advancement & Motivational Projects also the Founder and Ambassador of Time for Change Foundation, an internationally known nonprofit organization.  In 2018, Ms. Carter received her Governor’s Pardon.  Ms. Carter is the author of Invisible Bars- Barriers to Women’s Health and Well Being, and the creator of “The Disease of Incarceration”, an Epidemiological Model of Interventions for Women in Prison.  Accomplishments Include: Affordable housing developer, Strategic Planner, Innovator, Motivational Speaker, Author, certified in Non-Profit Accounting, Certified Train the Trainer in 5- Evidence Based program models, (Strength Based Case Management, Motivational Interviewing, Gender Responsive Strategies & Principles, Global Appraisal of Individual Needs and Seeking Safety.) Government Relations, Public Policy Advocacy, Keynote Speaker and Organizational Development. Ms. Carter believes that we are the Author of our Destiny, we get to re-write our story at any given time. It’s that belief that yielded her one of CNN’s Top 10 Heroes from amongst 50,000 nominations in 80 different countries.

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