Tom Ngo

Tom Ngo


As a member of BakerAvenue’s Executive Committee, Tom leads various functional areas including Family Office Services, Operations, HR, Finance, Compliance and Technology. He also works closely with the senior leadership to define and drive the firm’s strategic roadmap.

Tom was Chief Operating Officer at ICONIQ Capital, a global multi-family office. At Wetherby Asset Management, Tom was Partner, Chief Technology Officer and Head of Operations. Prior to Wetherby, Tom held a number of executive and management positions at Wells Fargo’s Wealth Management Group and before that, he raised $35mm in Series A and Series B financing to start MiFund, an international cloud-based FinTech company.

Tom holds a B.A. from UCLA and an MBA from the University of California, Berkeley, Haas School of Business. Tom is a proud US Army veteran and served in Psychological Operations (PSYOP) in the US Army Special Operations Command.

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