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ProInspire: Women Leading Self for Race Equity Impact
Concurrent Session
September 23, 2021 | 12:00 pm | Concurrent Sessions I: 4 of 6

Session Speakers

This interactive session will unpack the unique challenges of how our personal identities show up in our work to give a new generation the tools for leadership. 

Bianca Anderson and Monica Biswas will lead participants through an interactive session for women that will unpack the unique challenges of women leaders to gain a better understanding of their identity and how socialization has impacted how we show up within the workplace. Together, participants will explore how to interrupt manifestations of internalized racism, sexism, and classism that influence leadership norms and behaviors, and will collectively discuss strategies and practices that support women leaders with cultivating inner well-being and shifting norms in ways that support collective liberation, paying particular attention to how internalized beliefs impact our behavior and how they show up within our leadership.

The session is designed for women who have an interest in accelerating race equity through their organizational roles and responsibilities, and will consider how our holistic well-being, mental models, and internalized racial oppression/superiority impact our leadership decisions.

Participants will explore and reflect on thought provoking questions such as:

  • What practices support me with fostering an understanding and full acceptance of my unique identity? How has this been challenging?    
  • How has my understanding of my identity been shaped by social, economic, and historical contexts?   
  • What am I currently learning and unlearning about aspects of my identity, particularly my race, gender and socio-economic status?   
  • How can I celebrate my unique identities and make more space for others to show up authentically?   
  • How can I build intentional time to process and take action on the feedback that I receive and choose to take action on?   
  • How is power impacting my connections with others? What opportunities to be a more inclusive leader might I explore?

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