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The Ascend Fund/Panorama Global: Saving Our Democracy: Men Broke It, Women Fix It
Concurrent Session
September 23, 2021 | 12:00 pm | Concurrent Sessions I: 5 of 6

This conversation with women legislators from GA, NY, and TX unpacks their legislative efforts to protect & expand the right to vote–and how to get more women elected.

Women have been on the frontlines of the fight to expand access to voting and stop the recent wave of voter suppression bills sweeping through state legislatures across the country. While many of these bills have already been signed into law, women continue to fight for change on the state and federal level.

This session will convene women state legislators from Georgia, New York, and Texas who were trained to run for office by Ascend Fund partner organizations – and who led legislative efforts to ensure that the right to vote in their state was protected and expanded.

The Ascend Fund Director, Abbie Hodgson, will lead this panel discussion with the state legislators about the various tactics they employed to protect the right to vote, the path ahead, and the importance of collaboration with their female colleagues. Additionally, panelists will discuss women’s invaluable experience as voters and grassroots leaders and how that can position them as candidates while also informing future efforts to expand access to the ballot box.

Q&A Available: The panel will be followed by ample time for WFN members to ask questions and engage directly with the state legislators around their experiences, and how philanthropy and funders can support their efforts to protect democracy moving forward.

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